Photo by Marina Shatskih on Pexels.com Since the start of this pandemic loneliness has been skyrocketing to epidemic proportions,  but loneliness is something that has always existed even before our world came crashing down in 2020.  That feeling of having a deep ache and longing for connection and interaction is intrinsically part of the human … Continue reading Loneliness


Numbers are an important part of our world.  They assign value and give meaning to everything from our calendars to our bank statements.  But what happens when we become obsessed with these numbers?  For example, how many Instagram followers do I have or how many people liked my Facebook post?  And what number is my … Continue reading Numbers

The Mighty – Guest Post

25 Things to Do When You're Too Sick to Leave Bed By Erin Migdol Sometimes (or often), the fatigue or pain of your illness means you aren’t able to leave your bed — and that’s OK. You’re taking care of your body while it gets the rest it needs. But, let’s be honest — it’s not easy to … Continue reading The Mighty – Guest Post