Guest Post — Sr. Melannie Svoboda

Learn a Lesson from Fido by MELANNIE SVOBODA SND Sometimes I envy dogs. I’m speaking of dogs with good homes, mind you. Such dogs have it made. They are fed, petted, walked, and played with every single day—and they do virtually nothing to deserve it. Oh sure, they provide companionship, they guard the house when we’re … Continue reading Guest Post — Sr. Melannie Svoboda

The Ambiguity of Spiritual Discernment

"In approaching the Spirit's movements ... [we are called to] a habitual leaning into our souls in God, with a quality of trust in the abyss of divine love there, wanting to see our desires transformed in the light of God's desire for us. We rest attentively in that abyss ultimately without knowing anything except … Continue reading The Ambiguity of Spiritual Discernment