Gratitude Misunderstood

Gratitude has taken on a certain connotation. Many people think of gratitude as a sense of happiness and thankfulness for life’s pleasures both big and small. Usually it’s associated with something “positive.”But what if we find that we are grateful for things that maybe we don’t think we should be? What if we are grateful … Continue reading Gratitude Misunderstood


Photo by Marina Shatskih on Since the start of this pandemic loneliness has been skyrocketing to epidemic proportions,  but loneliness is something that has always existed even before our world came crashing down in 2020.  That feeling of having a deep ache and longing for connection and interaction is intrinsically part of the human … Continue reading Loneliness


Numbers are an important part of our world.  They assign value and give meaning to everything from our calendars to our bank statements.  But what happens when we become obsessed with these numbers?  For example, how many Instagram followers do I have or how many people liked my Facebook post?  And what number is my … Continue reading Numbers

The Mighty – Guest Post

25 Things to Do When You're Too Sick to Leave Bed By Erin Migdol Sometimes (or often), the fatigue or pain of your illness means you aren’t able to leave your bed — and that’s OK. You’re taking care of your body while it gets the rest it needs. But, let’s be honest — it’s not easy to … Continue reading The Mighty – Guest Post

This Time of Year Can Be Whatever You Want it To Be

Last year I started a podcast around this time and one of my first posts was about dealing with the holiday season when you are chronically ill, or if you like -- depressed, grieving, anxious, sick, tired and sick and tired. It's a tough time of year for a lot of us and now the … Continue reading This Time of Year Can Be Whatever You Want it To Be

Republican Intolerance: A New Diagnosis

Whenever I start seeing red, (pun intended) I get it down on paper.  So here we go… The past few weeks I have been forced to confront the fact that I have developed another disorder – Republican Intolerance.  It’s pretty bad.  So bad infact, that it might be untreatable…AND permanent. It all started when I … Continue reading Republican Intolerance: A New Diagnosis

Guest Post

Forgiveness: Making Friends with Time By Vinita Hampton Wright Marina Berzins McCoy’s new book, The Ignatian Guide to Forgiveness, may be one of the best resources for spiritual health available to people who are wounded. I have read various books on forgiveness over the years (We always need help with that, don’t we?) and will probably continue … Continue reading Guest Post

Vulnerability: The Other Unpopular Trait

On last week's podcast, I talked about how our limitations are not something to be ashamed of, but are part of our humanity -- things we need to accept or embrace. Society is often unaccepting of things like limitations. Another unpopular trait is vulnerability. And, I believe, in order to be truly accepting of our … Continue reading Vulnerability: The Other Unpopular Trait

A Different Kind of Thanksgiving

By Vinita Hampton Wright Thanksgiving will be different this year. As I write this, in early November, the United States is experiencing a new and frightening spike in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, along with a rising number of deaths due to the virus. My husband and I will not be traveling to sit at … Continue reading A Different Kind of Thanksgiving