Republican Intolerance: A New Diagnosis

Whenever I start seeing red, (pun intended) I get it down on paper.  So here we go…

The past few weeks I have been forced to confront the fact that I have developed another disorder – Republican Intolerance.  It’s pretty bad.  So bad infact, that it might be untreatable…AND permanent.

It all started when I began looking for a house to rent in Florida for a few months. I got the name of a realtor who does long-term rentals and was trying to figure out a polite way to tell her that if I had to rent a home in neighborhood with a bunch of Trumpians/Republicans, I’d feed myself to the gators.

She kindly told me that, “It was not that bad” and that she was a lesbian who did not care for Trump, but her wife supports him along with their many friends. (Insert indignant emoji here)

It took everything in me not to tell her how many things were wrong with what she had just told me. I tried not to use obscenities and hang up on her. “Well, thank you so much,” I said. “I have your number. No need to call me. I’ll call you. Bye now.”  

On to YouTube. I figured there might be some good information on there about places to live in Florida that weren’t cult territory.  Reading the comments on a video titled, “10 Reasons for New Yorkers to Move to Florida” was eye opening. “Please stay in NY and kiss Cuomo’s ass,” one person wrote. Another, “I’m black, gay, Republican and can’t wait to get my first fire arm.” Again, I practiced restraint in almost telling him his party hates him and wants him dead. Seriously, dude, have you been watching the news lately? And lastly, “We don’t want New Yorkers down here turning our state blue.” Seems like the intolerance was mutual. (Crosses Florida off of the list as potential places to live)

Moving on to a person who decided to utter the words to me, “Biden is ruining this country!” My heart started pounding, my stomach twisted – I could feel my insides shifting as if I were about to turn green like the Incredible Hulk. I lost my shit. “What is he ruining?! He’s been in office less than 100 days and has already done more than that fat orange prick you voted for! What is it that you don’t like? Covid relief? Competency in leadership? Someone who respects The Constitution? Truth-telling? Job creation? Solid infrastructure?” Then the ringing in my ears started and I no longer could hear what I was saying.  It was like an outer body experience.

I, like so many other Americans, have become Republican Intolerant. Being in short proximity to a right-wing crazy, causes me to have explosive outbursts. Listening to them speak will cause me to spew flames and levitate out of my body. As far as I know, there is no cure for it.

All joking aside, after being lied to, cheated and screwed for many years by the former leader of the free world who led an insurrection against our capitol, on top of a global pandemic that was severely mismanaged, causes what many people know as the anxiety disorder PTSD. The world has become a traumatizing place and Republicans are not doing anything to help the situation. They make it worse.

There is a saying that goes, “Show me who your friends are and I will show you who you are.” And it’s usually true. I have said many times that our politics inform who we are and what decisions we make. So, show me who you voted for, continue to support and I will tell you what kind of person you are. People say don’t talk about politics and religion, yet these two things can tell you so much about who a person is.

The far right, who usually are self-proclaimed “Christians,” are delusional liars who want to build a shrine to Trump and stuff their pockets with tons of money while our country goes down the drain. There is no regard for their oath to protect and defend the constitution – there is no constitution for them. They are the law. Trump is the law. Another black person dies senselessly and they don’t care. Another mass shooting and nobody bats an eye.

They hate the LGBTQ community, trying to deny us our rights at every turn. They want to defund healthcare that benefits people with disabilities and the elderly and the underprivileged. They are horrible people. But wait a minute, how can you say that you might say? You don’t know me. Well, I looked at who you say you are. I look at what you voted for, what you support – what you say you think is good. I see the way you ignore suffering and perpetuate it. I hear your lies. I see your willful ignorance and willingness to turn a blind eye at the expense of your neighbor. Pretty self-explanatory. Oh, yes, and I don’t get my information from Fox News.

I wish I could find a cure for my Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.  I hope there is a cure for diabetes in my lifetime. I pray to be cured of food allergies. I don’t really care if I am ever cured of my Republican Intolerance, though. I don’t think we should tolerate hatred, bigotry, compulsive lying, senseless murder, a disregard for the poor and unfortunate and sick. I think developing Republican Intolerance is maybe a sign that we are still alive and still striving for the good in the world. I disagree that we all can or should unify. Some things cannot be united. Those seeking a dictatorship should leave our democratic country and live in Russia. Not try to overthrow our government and shit all over our Constitution. Rather than unify, we should expel the waste of this country. The people who just cause suffering and hardship year after year, while collecting large salaries and a hefty benefits package – removing those who take up seats in our government but do nothing with them but benefit themselves.  I believe only then will we be able to start to heal the deep wounds of this country. Only then can we ease our PTSD.

This is not a rant on how the Democratic Party is better and superior. I’m questioning why, in a free country where you can be anything, why be a Republican?  

Author: Stephen Fratello

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