When Spirituality Becomes Too Sweet

Every Sunday, I religiously watch Meet the Press. It has become sort of like my church. Unfortunately, right after that is Joel Osteen. (Insert eye roll here) Everyone knows this guy -- he’s that positive preaching guru, whose snake oil salesmen smile stretches almost as wide as the TV screen. He’s sold millions of books … Continue reading When Spirituality Becomes Too Sweet

I’m Sorry: An Open Letter to The Chronically Ill and Disabled

People say a lot of things. Some human beings have the capacity to talk forever, it seems. They complain, they rant, they get mad, they explain themselves. They go on and on, but very rarely do you ever hear the words that most need to be said…and heard. “I’m sorry.” I came across a quote … Continue reading I’m Sorry: An Open Letter to The Chronically Ill and Disabled

Guest Post — Sr. Melannie Svoboda

Learn a Lesson from Fido by MELANNIE SVOBODA SND Sometimes I envy dogs. I’m speaking of dogs with good homes, mind you. Such dogs have it made. They are fed, petted, walked, and played with every single day—and they do virtually nothing to deserve it. Oh sure, they provide companionship, they guard the house when we’re … Continue reading Guest Post — Sr. Melannie Svoboda

The Ambiguity of Spiritual Discernment

"In approaching the Spirit's movements ... [we are called to] a habitual leaning into our souls in God, with a quality of trust in the abyss of divine love there, wanting to see our desires transformed in the light of God's desire for us. We rest attentively in that abyss ultimately without knowing anything except … Continue reading The Ambiguity of Spiritual Discernment

An apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away?

Every doctor and nutritionist and health guru will tell you to eat more fruits and veggies - preferably organic and non-gmo. While I am all for this type of diet, it's not always helpful for people with mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS). MCAS is where your body inappropriately releases histamine and other inflammatory substances causing allergic-type … Continue reading An apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away?

Some quotes for your journey…

I have always enjoyed reading the thoughts of others. I love those little books of quotes they sell at bookstores. I guess you can say I collect them. I'll open them now and then just for fun. Maybe to feel a little better or a little bit wiser. Here are some of my favorites. What … Continue reading Some quotes for your journey…

5 Reasons Why I Find Facebook Support Groups (Mostly) Unhelpful

Anyone suffering from a chronic illness knows the importance of having lots of resources at your disposal. If you're anything like me, Google is your best friend and sometimes this leads you to online support groups. They can be a great resource, especially for people who cannot leave their home. Facebook offers a wide range … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I Find Facebook Support Groups (Mostly) Unhelpful

A Blue Christmas

During the holiday season, a lot of people struggle with feelings of sadness and inadequacy. That's why I'm sharing this great blog post by Hannah Brencher, whose site you can find here. May your holidays be filled with peace and love, even amidst the sadness. ❤💜💛💚🤞🙏Stephen   MONDAY #196: put those blinders on. I have a … Continue reading A Blue Christmas

When Transformation Leaves You Unable to Recognize Yourself

Transformation is usually seen as a good thing. But what happens when the transformational process leaves you unable to recognize your new self? Chronic illness can be a lot like that. Take the butterfly, for instance. It’s one of the most common symbols for the transformation process and for spiritual rebirths and awakenings. When I went through … Continue reading When Transformation Leaves You Unable to Recognize Yourself